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May 11, 2021

In solidarity with the celebration of National Safe Kids Week this 3rd week of June, here are some tips to prevent unintentional injury among children or to protect kids from preventable injuries.


Children have such high energy levels and are extremely curious, two conditions that could also lead to unintended injury. Helping children stay safe begins with putting the proper safety precautions in place and essential preparations for immediate response should any accident happen.


Here are some general safety tips to keep your young and energetic bundles out of harm’s way.


  • Never leave children unsupervised in the bath, pool or any body of water. Children under five years old maybe at risk in the water as they are still developing motor skills.[1]
  • Remove tripping hazards from your home. Clear toys, cords, rugs and other items that could potentially cause children to trip or fall.[2]
  • Household cleaning products should be labelled properly, and stored safely to avoid poisoning. Dishwashing liquid, laundry detergents and other basic cleaning products are used in various places in the household and more often in easy to access places, even for children.[3] Putting them up will keep them out of sight and out of reach.
  • Keep medicines away from children. Be these pills in bags, vitamins near the dining table, and daily maintenance medicines in the bathroom drawer, these are the ones that could spell trouble. Place these in cabinets or drawers high enough to be safe from small hands, and use child-resistant locks when necessary.[4]
  • Store batteries in the proper place, especially smaller-sized and round oneswhich could be mistaken for something edible. Batteries use a variety of chemicals to generate the power reactions, including nickel and cadmium which are “extremely toxic” and harmful to humans.[5]
  • Teach children about the dangers of matches and lighters, and that they are not playthings. Fire safety should be another basic precaution. The figures of the Bureau of Fire Protection record 14,316 incidents in 2018, an average of 39 fires per day.[6]
  • Actively supervise children in playgrounds and public spaces. Remove clothing, necklaces or any object that could get caught in the equipment and cause harm.[7]


Keeping children safe from harm and away from injury is a daily concern. Staying alert and watchful should be the mindset of every parent or guardian, and it helps if children are informed and reminded about staying safe be they at play or in school.

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