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July 30, 2021

While steps are being taken to address the water supply in Metro Manila, concerns are being raised about cleanliness and safety levels of stored water. Here are some basic tips to stay healthy and well despite the water woes of summer 2019.

  • Check the quality of the water that comes out from the tap after water supply is resumed. If the water that comes out is yellowish, Manila Water Company has stated that this is due to the chemicals present in the water, but the water is still safe to drink.
  • Watch out for rust or other substances that may be found in water after supply is resumed. This could be a good time to have the pipes checked.
  • Purify tap water through boiling or use chlorine solutions to disinfect the impurities.
  • Use water filtration or treatment processes. You can also install a simple water filter system, choices of which include a pitcher-type system or faucet-mounted ones.
  • Have leaks in your plumbing fixed right away by a professional plumber.


Put these tips to use not only while the Metro Manila water crisis is on-going but on a daily basis to ensure that your water is safe and clean.


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