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July 30, 2021

To finally stop smoking, you need to have the courage to quit. Think of all the reasons why. Be it for personal health reasons, protecting your loved ones from the dangers of secondhand smoke,or to saving money since prices of tobacco products have gone up since the implementation of the sin tax law. Whatever it may be, it takes self-discipline and commitment to change an old habit.


On your journey to quitting, try your best to avoid smoking triggers, such as stress, or hanging out with people or in places where you will be tempted to smoke. If you’re used to smoking after meals, you may try creating a new routine like walking outside (which can give you more benefits than smoking), chewing gum, or drinking water or tea. Also, make it a practice to politely decline people inviting you to smoke and keep yourself busy with other things instead.


Should you find it really hard to quit smoking, having a support group can help you ease the burden. A loving family, a community or support network that will encourage, lift you up when you stumble, and rejoice with you even with small victories over smoking will help you win the battle.

The road to quitting is a painful journey to take but definitely worth it. Think about your loved ones, think about a healthier you.


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