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August 11, 2020

It is believed that drinking red wine in moderate amounts is good for our heart. Red wine has Resveratrol, a plant compound that acts as an antioxidant that protects the body against damage. Resveratrol can be found in blueberries, cranberries and peanuts, but it is mostly concentrated in the skin and seeds of grapes, which are used in the fermentation of red wine.


Based on some research, resveratrol has been found to help prevent damage to the blood vessels, reduce bad cholesterol, and prevent blood clots which lessens a person’s risk for heart disease. But if you’re not the type who can tolerate the taste of red wine, you may want to consider taking resveratrol supplements.


One such supplement is IntegrAid Resveratrol, from a pharmaceutical brand known for its excellence, Pharex. IntegrAid Resveratrol is part of Pharex’s line of nutraceuticals – the ingredients of which are sourced from nature and tested scientifically for safety and efficacy.


IntegrAid Resveratrol is composed of Polygonum cuspidatum root extract, 1 grape seed extract, and natural trans-resveratrol. Trans-resveratrol is the highly absorbable form of resveratrol, supporting health at the cellular level. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, inhibiting tumor activity, which also links it to reduced risk of cancer as well as anti-aging properties. 

 It is important to understand how IntegrAid Resveratrol can help protect your heart. Thus, before taking this, it is best to consult your doctor if this supplement is appropriate for you.


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